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Thorwartl, C.; Stöggl, T.; Teufl, W.; Holzer, H.; Kröll, J.

Curvature Detection with an Optoelectronic Measurement System Using a Self-Made Calibration Profile (Journal Article)

In: Sensors, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 51, 2021.

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Apte, S.; Prigent, G.; Stöggl, T.; Martínez, A.; Snyder, C.; Gremeaux-Bader, V.; Aminian, K.

Biomechanical Response of the Lower Extremity to Running-Induced Acute Fatigue: A Systematic Review (Journal Article)

In: Frontiers in Physiology, vol. 12, no. 646042, 2021.

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Snyder, C.; Martínez, A.; Strutzenberger, G.; Stöggl, T.

Connected Skiing: Validation of Edge Angle and Radial Force Estimation as Motion Quality Parameters During Alpine Skiing (Journal Article)

In: European Journal of Sport Science, 2021.

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Harbour, E.; Lasshofer, M.; Genitrini, M.; Schwameder, H.

Enhanced Breathing Pattern Detection during Running Using Wearable Sensors (Journal Article)

In: Sensors, vol. 21, no. 16, 2021.

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Thorwartl, C.; Kröll, J.; Tschepp, A.; Schäffner, P.; Holzer, H.; Stöggl, T.

A Novel Sensor Foil to Measure Ski Deflections: Development and Validation of a Curvature Model (Journal Article)

In: Sensors, vol. 21, no. 14, pp. 4848, 2021.

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Martínez, Aaron; Snyder, Cory; Moore, Stephanie R.; Stöggl, Thomas

A Comprehensive Comparison and Validation of Published Methods to Detect Turn Switch during Alpine Skiing (Journal Article)

In: Sensors, vol. 21, no. 7, 2021.

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Moore, S. R.; Kranzinger, C; Fritz, J.; Stöggl, T.; Kröll, J.; Schwameder, H.

Foot Strike Angle Prediction and Pattern Classification Using LoadsolTM Wearable Sensors: A Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques (2020) (Journal Article)

In: Sensors, vol. 20, no. 23, 2020.

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Neuwirth, C.; Snyder, C.; Kremser, W.; Brunauer, R.; Holzer, H.; Stöggl, T.

Classification of Alpine Skiing Styles Using GNSS and Inertial Measurement Units (2020) (Journal Article)

In: Sensors, vol. 20, no. 15, 2020.

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Martínez, A.; Nakazato, K.; Scheiber, P.; Snyder, C.; Stöggl, T.

Comparison of the Turn Switch Time Points Measured by Portable Force Platforms and Pressure Insoles (2020) (Journal Article)

In: Front. Sports Act. Living, 2020.

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Takeda, M.; Miyamoto, N.; Endo, T.; Ohtonen, O.; Lindinger, S.; Linnamo, V.; Stöggl, T.

Cross-Country Skiing Analysis and Ski Technique Detection by High-Precision Kinematic Global Navigation Satellite System (2019) (Journal Article)

In: Sensors, vol. 19, no. 22, 2019.

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Martínez, A.; Brunauer, R.; Venek, V.; Snyder, C.; Jahnel, R.; Buchecker, M.; Thorwartl, C.; Stöggl, T.

Development and Validation of a Gyroscope-Based Turn Detection Algorithm for Alpine Skiing in the Field (2019) (Journal Article)

In: Front. Sports Act. Living, 2019.

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Fritz, J.; Brunauer, R.; Snyder, C.; Kröll, J.; Stöggl, T.; Schwameder, H.

Foot strike angle calculation during running based on in-shoe pressure measurements (2019) (Journal Article)

In: Footwear Science, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 147-149, 2019.

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Björklund, G.; Swarén, M.; Born, D. P.; Stöggl, T.

Biomechanical adaptations and performance indicators in short trail running (2019) (Journal Article)

In: Frontiers in physiology, 2019.

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Stöggl, T.; Ohtonen, O.; Takeda, M.; Miyamoto, N.; Snyder, C.; Lemmettylä, T.; Linnamo, V.; Lindinger, S.

Comparison of Exclusive Double Poling to Classic Techniques of Cross-country Skiing (2019) (Journal Article)

In: vol. 51, no. 4, pp. 760-772, 2019.

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Martínez, A.; Jahnel, R.; Buchecker, M.; Snyder, C.; Brunauer, R.; Stöggl, T.

Development of an Automatic Alpine Skiing Turn Detection Algorithm Based on a Simple Sensor Setup (2019) (Journal Article)

In: Sensors, vol. 19, no. 4, 2019.

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