DiMo @ECSS 2022, 30.08. – 02.09.2022

This year, we are proud that the project Digital Motion was represented in many talks and presentation on the ECSS 2022 taking place in Sevilla.. Thanks to the great work to the team!

Addressing the topic of fatigue in Alpine Skiing, the author team represented the work in a poster session: Predicting the rate of fatigue during skiing on a ski treadmill based on ergospirometric data (Stefan Kranzinger, Christina Kranzinger, Cory Snyder, Thomas Stöggl).

Furthermore, Eric Harbour presented “BREATH TOOLS: HOW TO INSTRUCT AND QUANTIFY ADHERENCE TO BREATHING PATTERN SOUND GUIDANCE DURING RUNNING” in the session of endurance training and testing.

Finally, Thomas Stöggl gave an invited talk about “MODERN METHODOLOGIES AND CONCEPTS FOR TRAINING AND COMPETITION LOAD MONITORING: POSSIBILITIES AND CHALLENGES” representing recent results of the last years in Digital Motion.